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Piano Companion-Piano Companion v6.55.325 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Piano Companion-Piano Companion v6.55.325 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) introduction

Piano Companion brings users to the world of music. However, the music you will come to is extraordinary in that it is not available, but you will be the author. Therefore, if you are a musician, an arranger, or simply a person who is passionate about composing and enjoying melodies, this is an infallible choice. When you come to us, you can use imaginary piano keyboards to learn to play. Not only that, but you also have the application to support remembering the utility chord names.


With the appearance of the fifth circle and corresponding chords, you are ready to build any musical progression. In other words, you can use the chord wheels that are clearly displayed on the screen to compose songs freely. Not stopping there, we also help you learn different chords and scales most professionally and methodically.


If you are a fan of the piano but do not have the conditions, this application will help you realize your dream. Specifically, you can use the piano through MIDI keyboards, and it’s done and has a tone that’s no different from a real-life piano. Not stopping there, one more feature of this application that promises to bring you many experiences is that you will learn more about music theory besides the practical journey. Besides, If you can’t remember the name of a certain chord, we are the trump card for you.


In addition, this application also favors allowing you to create your library. This place is a priceless treasure that every day, every night, you have diligently studied and added different scales and chords. Referring to this application can not ignore more than 1500 chords up to 6 inversions. Not stopping there, you also enjoy more than 10000 diverse scales; it can be the appearance of major, minor to blu.


Finally, Piano Companion also gives you more constructions to add the right musical progression. They are created based on a fixed sequence. In addition, with MIDI output, the ability to combine DAS with this application is easier than ever. In particular, you are also supported with more treble and bass keys to creating unique melodies. Plus, you get extra playability combined with the traditional loop feature. Besides, the scale fingers give you the freedom to adapt to the prevailing music background.

KEY FEATURESMajor, minor, reduced, augmented, sevenths, and other inversions are among the 1500+ piano chords available.Major, minor, chromatic, pentatonic, blues, and other scales are among the 10,000+ available.Scale and Chord Theory in MusicScale Patterns and Chord Progression Builder (chord sequencer)Circle of Fifths is interactive (Chord Wheel)The ability to create unique chords and arrange your own chord charts and librariesSupport for reverse mode with an external MIDI keyboardPiano Companion has a MIDI output (iOS) that allows you to link it to your favorite DAW.In Circle of Fifths, here’s a list of all the chords you can play (Chord Wheel)English, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, and other commonly used key notations are only a few examples.On the staff, with treble and bass clefs, shows chord and scale.Chords of compatible scales, related and relative scales, and compatible chords’ chords are all shown.Secondary Dominant and Secondary Leading-Tone are two analytical terms for the same thing.Tonic, Supertonic, Mediant, Subdominant, Dominant, Submediant, Leading tone (in Major scale) / Subtonic are some of the most often used degrees (in Natural Minor Scale)Custom chords may be created or current chords can be changed.Capacity to play a chord or arpeggio in a loop; ability to play a scale in a loopIn chord progressions, arpeggios are used.Suggestions for a scaleChord progressions using relative chordsYou have the opportunity to construct your own scale fingering as well as utilize community scale fingerings.Users may add scales and chords to their libraries.You may make your own chord libraries and chord charts if you want to.The ability to create your own custom scales

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